Duality always shows its two sides as conflicting truth, an opposition. But when an object is viewed in unity, both sides are held equally as truth within a spectrum of the whole.

On one side of the spectrum of how we see our beloved partner, we have the Divine Image or Immaculate Concept, which reminds us that all within creation is to be held in reverence as Source in the process of re-becoming itself. On the other side of this spectrum, we have the reality of our egoic personalities in their fragmented and imbalanced states, disconnected from the perfection of inner Source and its wisdom, and making choices and forming behaviours and patterns from our fear based conditioned self.

When working within the context of a sacred relationship, it can be very helpful to attempt to hold both views at once, but this is not an easy task when we are full of wounding, lower resonance entanglement, and fragmentation of the lower self. We must have immense patience and commitment with ourselves and with our partner. Our practice here is to remain the witness of the other as much as possible, without judgement or entangled drama. This is easier said than done of course, and we shouldn’t ever be hard on ourselves for not being able to stay in the serenity of non-attached witnessing.

If we can hold a higher perspective in our relationships, we will find that within this sometimes challenging arena is the possibility for rapid growth and change. But as humans, we are champions of resistance to growth and change, and we stubbornly dig in with our heels; it becomes our pain and suffering, even as we are in fact being impulsed by Spirit towards expansion by a difficult experience.

Conflict will need to become your friend and your teacher sometimes in sacred relationship, so it’s best to learn how to navigate it with as much compassion and tact as possible.

Be gentle with each other. Be patient. Be kind.


Elaine Marie



elaine marie, woman smiling with dark hair
Elaine Marie

Elaine has passed the 6th Initiation and works with clients to help them return to their own path of inherent spiritual wholeness.