Some months ago, I was waiting at a level crossing for a long freight train to pass.  It was pulling open wagons filled with logs destined for export.  As they passed in front of my eyes, I became aware of thinking ‘All those trees chopped down – just so people can make money’.  And I found myself praying to the energy of the trees and apologising that we had destroyed them for our gain, and asking for forgiveness.

After a while, my prayers were disturbed by the noise of the wagons – clanking and clattering….seemingly endlessly because there were so many of them.  All of them hard, rigid, angular, and all of them really loud.

All in complete contrast to the sounds of the forest the trees had come from:  the wind through the branches, bird song, the sounds of wee forest animals living their lives in an environment for which they were mutually designed.  And under that, the sounds (if I could hear them) of the trees communicating with each other through their root systems, of the fungi and mycelium living out their lives, recycling and ensuring that the forest was a viable ecosystem.

There is a quality of silence to the sounds of trees, forests, nature that also feeds and nurtures us.  It calls us to stop, and breathe…and BE.  And we increasingly need to do this when we are so often surrounded by the noise of cities, of engines, and of so-called entertainment which has to be loud and fast to gain our attention over all the loudness and speed of everything else.

The sounds of nature can remind us of how simple our basic needs truly are…and they invite us to slow down so we can come back to Joy and Peace and Compassion and Gratitude.

How often do you choose to go out in nature – to come back to your roots?

lady smiling with glasses and pink scarf

AmayahGrace has passed the 7th Initiation and works with the Ascended Masters in her healing practice.