Before we can step fully into the new, we need to farewell the old…a bit like creating space in the wardrobe for new clothes.  Here is an exercise that will help you remember and celebrate what’s been important in your life this year, and to get clarity about what you want to bring in during the year ahead.

Start writing (or journaling) under four separate headings or separate sheets:


– My achievements in this current year

– What I acknowledge and complete (release) from this current year

– What I bring forward from this current year and intend to enhance in the coming year

– What I envision for the coming year


The sooner you start, the more time you will have to remember….

Then, when you know each page is complete, acknowledge yourself for a job well done, honour and celebrate everything you have written, and create a farewell ceremony to release everything you have complete this year.  This cleans out the old and refreshes the space for what is still to be completed—and for what is to come.

On the eve of the new year, sit with your Guides and Masters and tell them about what you envision for the coming year.  Then, with that in hand, walk yourself over the bridge between the old year and the new….where your Guides and Masters will greet you with great ceremony and with all the Joy and Love and Support you need.  And the loving gentle reminder that they know best what you need and when you need it!

P.S.  This whole process works really well for birthdays, anniversaries—and milestones in general.

AmayahGrace, lady wearing pink shawl

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Tauranga, New Zealand
Services: Healing, Meditations, Trauma Clear, Forgive and Release, Healing the Wounded Inner Child, Birth Trauma Clearing, Healing with the Seer of Time, Post-Op Trauma Clearing
AmayahGrace has been a channel for the Masters’ healing energies for nearly 20 years. As a change catalyst, she channels high-level healing energies through visualisations, touch and sound (toning, Light Language) which creates a safe space for you to get right to the Heart of the Matter so that profound healing can take place easily and effortlessly.