You’re on a spiritual path looking to improve your life in some way. You’ve likely experienced other types of healing. You want something to shift in your life and you’re ready for help.

You’ve heard that there is new energy on the planet right now. You’re excited to change! You’re ready to step forward with support.

We are a group of Initiates (individuals on a path of Ascension that some may think of as enlightenment) who have stepped forward to heal and work with humanity. Our Higher Selves (the I AM Presence), channel healing energy to you that supports your healing intention.

The healing takes place on the first Tuesday of each month at 12:00pm (noon) New Zealand time. You simply need to be open and willing to receive during the healing time.

Thank for my healing! I feel so much lighter today and just flowing! The healing help with my aches and some ascension pains I was experiencing from the weekend! I just feel calmer and happy.  –USA

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Step 3. You’ll find a quiet place to enjoy receiving the healing.

Note: You’ll receive healing for the next 3 months. There is no need to signup each month.

Next Healing:  Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, 12:00pm (noon) New Zealand time

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How does it work?

“As people came into the healing torus and adjusted to the energies there, I saw each of them holding out their healing request (for some it was in written form, for others it was symbolic, for others an image), which was their way of clarifying why they had signed up for the free healing. “

Hello! Thank you for providing this feedback. I have beenworking to raise my vibratory frequency, including clearing blocks, and I amnoticing a big difference. I am also very aware that many people / masters areworking with me; it's wonderful.I haven't been able to move my right leg properly for quite awhile, and this week I noticed I have got that mobility back! I'm certain thatit is the energetic healing work that has helped with this. So thank you all somuch for everything you do. All my love.


Thank you for the healing, I felt a very special energy field coming that has been helping me move forward in my up-coming field of work.


Thanks so much for the healing on Tuesday. I lay down about 1pm and felt strongly bathed in the colour, energy and presence of my Higher Self who must have been activated and empowered by the healing you gave me. Thanks heaps! It was blissful and very restful. In peace and love.

New Zealand

Thank for my healing! I feel so much lighter today and just flowing! The healing help with my aches and some ascension pains I was experiencing from the weekend! I just feel calmer and happy.


Thank you very much for the healing yesterday. I was feeling a bit unsettled and stressed before the session, but the energy I received felt grounding and settling. I had a counseling session afterwards and felt quite emotional but much more open. I put these feelings down to the healing you gave me and had some significant movement on a very deep pattern as a result. With much appreciation.


I received a healing from the Ascending Initiates and it was transforming. It was not easy and they were there to help. This is very powerful and if you are looking for that, I definitely suggest them. They were also very responsive to me and I am in wonder of their abilities to coordinate healing times among themselves across many different time zones.


Blessings Dear Ones, thank you so much for your gifts of connection, love, and support!! I just wanted to share some feedback as I finished my last of three free sessions and have definitely noticed a difference in my energy as well as my reactions or lack thereof. In all three healings, each time they started I had emotional purging coming from deep, deep depths which I know I have not allowed myself to go before. After much rest and integration, between sessions, I definitely noticed increased calm and compassion in my day to day life and can give an example of the change -I am currently estranged from my parents and right before the last healing, they were taking my sister to court in order to try to gain visitation to her children. Although I have worked a lot on my past issues with my parents and I am now two years no longer in contact with them, the underlying energy of anger/fear was now coming up again as my sister was reaching out for support. I got that last healing and a few days later ended up being the court date which my sister called to tell me all about/vent/energetically dump etc. she is just coming to realization of many painful truths and I have to say I was totally fine with all of! I usually get sick a few days or more before some time of incoming family drama before I even know what it is. Without me going on and on, this is SUPER HUGE for me not to be affected!! In the past I would definitely be somewhat angry and sad, waste time and energy in lower timelines, and definitely get physically sick.For contrast, the last time I spoke to my sister on the phone, my partner was shocked to see my face physically swelling where the phone was touching the side of my face. So for me, it was a big deal to be able to have total mental, emotional, energetic, and actual physical detachment from fear. I know you have assisted me in ways which would be difficult to fully explain, but this specific issue is a major one for me and I do feel enormous relief.I also noticed this week was this first week in a reallllllly long time I am getting a full night sleep. I have always had issues with sleeping due to ptsd/panic attacks that wake me up in the middle of the night.It makes such a difference in my day time energy when I get actual full sleep.Additionally, my dream time has opened up more than usual. Lots of pieces of information coming through which I could not previously access. Over the yearsI have had a lot of repetitive dreams where while I am in the "Dream"I know I have already dreamed this before, so I can then mid dream try to resolve or make a different outcome. After the healings I did notice revisiting these repetitive dream spaces but experiencing a lot of new and helpful developments which assist me greatly in my awake time. I also have a black dragon which has shown up for me and feels intensely powerful but protective. I am hoping this will be beneficial for my sleep time adventures.I am so grateful and honored for your assistance! I know it has made a lot of difference which is too long and difficult to explain ( you need to be paid for all that!), but please know the work you are doing is changing lives, even if no one ever reports back. I find myself filled with increasing grace in what seems like a holding pattern of not anymore but not yet.Previously I'd be so frustrated and impatient, now I find myself enjoying the space for transition and rest before moving forward on my path. I am currently working toward starting a new job and looking forward to be able to access paid healing services from your team soon! With Love and Gratitude.


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