The Initiates

These Initiates are some of the brightest lights on Earth. Come close so their Light can shine on you.

“The Ascended Masters, Verna Maruata, and Waireti of the Ascended Masters portal in New Zealand, confirm the Initiates are at the Initiation level stated.”

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Courtney Dillon

Intuitive Channel, Medium, Teacher, Energy Healer

Initiation Level:  6th
Location: Laguna Beach, California, USA
Courtney’s ascension journey began in 2018. She has been working with the Ascended Masters and has passed the 6th Initiation. She uses her intuitive gifts to offer readings and healings to help people see their life from a higher perspective. She is also a medium.

Elaine Marie

Guide, Healer, Coach, Language of Light Sound Vocalist, Musician, Artist, Writer

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Medellin, Colombia
Elaine Marie is passionate about providing service and guidance for those who seek the return of their own unique and inherent spiritual wholeness. She has passed the 7th initiation. As an empathic and intuitive shamanic healer, Language of Light channeler, author, life and spiritual coach, and online course and retreat leader, her goal is to assist and guide you in making and strengthening your own sacred connection with your Higher Self.