The Initiates

These Initiates are some of the brightest lights on Earth. Come close so their Light can shine on you.

“The Ascended Masters, Verna Maruata, and Waireti of the Ascended Masters portal in New Zealand, confirm the Initiates are at the Initiation level stated.”

Photo of Amayah Grace

Amayah Grace

Change Catalyst and Healing Channel for the Ascended Masters
Location Tauranga New Zealand Website:


Initiation Level:  7th

Hello – I am AmayahGrace

If you are seeking some simple and effective ways to free yourself from unhelpful or self-limiting patterns that are getting in the way of your peace, balance and harmony, then I am here to help you.  Please read on….Here you will find the compassionate processes that I use to get right to the Heart of the Matter to help you clear the core and cause…so you can be free to experience your life to the fullest.

Please visit my website  for more information about who I am and the work I do.   And you can get in touch with me through the website.

I have been a channel for the Masters’ healing energies for nearly 20 years.  The first Masters to make themselves known to me were Kwan Yin (who works on the emotional body) and Dom Ignacio (who works on the physical and etheric bodies).  They told me my work was Healing the Heart of the Matter.  Over time, as I have evolved so has my work, and I now have a Healing Team of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Devas and Cosmic Beings who work through me.

I channel high-level healing energies through visualisations, touch and sound (toning, Light Language) which creates a safe space for you to get right to the Heart of the Matter to enable profound healing to take place easily and effortlessly.   I have a Protection Grid which ensures my energies remain clear and safe from any negative dimensional forces, and my work is infused with compassion, clarity and Lightness of Being.

In 2010, I received from Spirit the name of AmayahGrace—one word meaning The Grace of The Divine Mother.  I incarnated as a 5th Ray Soul, the Ray of Healing, Truth and Knowledge.  In 2014, I passed the 6th Initiation and moved to the 3rd Ray, the Ray of Unconditional Love.  I am now at the 7th Initiation.

I live in Tauranga, New Zealand, and welcome you to my beautiful healing sanctuary. If you can’t get here in person, please don’t let distance be a barrier—I can work with you equally effectively by distance healing, using phone or Skype/FaceTime, to help you Heal the Heart of the Matter.

There is a wealth of information on my website, so please feel free to explore!   The following are just some of the highlights:




The healing processes include (and are not limited to)  :

  • TraumaClear
  • Forgive and Release
  • Healing the Wounded Inner Child
  • Birth Trauma Clearing…

No matter which process we use, it is always tailored to meet your specific needs.

Guided Meditations

These guided meditations to help you release old attachments and unwanted beliefs and patterns.  They are free for you to use as often as you feel you need.

Meditation using the Torus Technique

The torus technique helps you with deep inner connection, with connecting to the Masters and with working as a group.  I have recorded the techniques so they are easy to follow.


Life Skills Stories

These are short, gentle teaching stories which contain life skills and wisdom, and have been written for ‘children of all ages’. They are intended to prompt learning conversations between adults and children, and to be thought-provokers for adults.



You have really caused a wonderful light to go on in my world.

London, UK

This morning I experienced Cutting the Cords. Thank you so much. I see clearly and am feeling the flow again. I was amazed at how long it took me to come out of it at the end, and found my eyes didn’t want to open….absolutely beautiful. Thank you again.

Tauranga, New Zealand

Thank you again for your time with me. It was a great privilege to be able to forgive and release in this manner with you and the Masters. (later….) Just wanted to update you in regards to the Inner Child Healing. First of all, I have been in a very prayerful mood. My heart feels very sensitive. When I do pray, I feel the love right away… My being feels like it is being purified, I feel raw, cleaner, and clearer. Do you remember the first time we talked and I mentioned how I felt like I was going insane, losing control of my mind? After today’s prayer, the love stabilized my mind into just quiet peace… Right now, all I feel like doing is pray and pray…

Texas, USA

I have been looking for spiritual children’s stories for quite some time! They are hard to come by. I love these and can’t wait to share with friends and family. The first thing my daughter said “Can you put these on my phone so that I can listen to them when I want.”. 🙂

Arizona, USA