The Initiates

These Initiates are some of the brightest lights on Earth. Come close so their Light can shine on you.

“The Ascended Masters, Verna Maruata, and Waireti of the Ascended Masters portal in New Zealand, confirm the Initiates are at the Initiation level stated.”

Photo of Brad Panopoulos

Brad Panopoulos

Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Orgonite & Jewelry Maker
Location Ontario Canada Website:


Initiation Level:  7th



I offer a variety of energy healing services that include, energy body balancing and rehabilitation. This uplifting session is proceeded by an etheric cord cutting of ties that no longer serve your being. This removal of what no longer serves you allows for a deep connection and sustained results of the harmonization of your energy bodies and chakras. I also offer traditional energy (Reiki style) energy sessions both in person and over distance where I utilize a variety of techniques suck as white light, light rays, etheric crystals and gemstones and much more. My Higher-self and I also offer attunements to various energy systems for your personal growth.
As an alchemist and along side my Higher-self, Alexander, I create high vibrational energy devices for your upliftment and support as you transverse the spiritual terrain of physicality. Alexander and I are passionately devoted to the creation and further development of devices such as orgonite. Bringing together physical and metaphysical energies for a new era of energetic protection and application for your betterment.
Visit with us to learn more. We are happy to serve you.

Instagram @Bradpanopoulos @ieh_full_circle_energy_healing Facebook: Full Circle Energy Healing

My Gmail is [email protected]. PayPal or e-Transfers accepted.

  • Chakra/Body Elemental Tune Up with Body Balancing
  • Orgonite
  • Lightwave Specific Transmissions


About Brad Panopoulos

My name is Brad Panopoulos and I am a spiritual seeker dedicated to the ascension journey. I also have a protection grid given to me by the masters through the Ascended Masters portal in New Zealand. As a student of metaphysical energy and alchemy, I am drawn to creating energy devices such as orgonite, for example, and facilitate energy healing sessions together with my Higher-self.
In 2016 my ascension journey took on a much more tangible and direct route after I joined a group of individuals through the Ascended Masters portal in New Zealand. From here I stepped into a service roll with the Masters and forged a service work for the Masters to work with the other initiates in a much more deeper way which utilizes a particular meditation technique known as the Torus technique.
My own ascension path continued to unfold rapidly and I passed through the various initiations. This brought my Higher-self to the foreground in a much deeper and closer way then before and was the start of a new and exciting way of doing energy work. I was already a Reiki Master but this deeper integration of higher-self took me in a completely new direction and mode of providing healing services and energy work.
​Now as a 7th initiate I am passionately devoted to furthering not only my continued ascension journey with my Higher-self at the fore but also the creation of energy devices and facilitating energy work and offer various energy attunements for the self empowerment of follow spiritual seekers.
Here at BlueFireAlchemy I do just that.
“Human beings are organic, metaphysical machines” – Alexander



Brad is a talented healer. He is a Reiki Master attuned to many systems of Reiki as well as Lightwave Energy Healing. The healings I have had were very peaceful and relaxing. I felt more balanced both physically and emotionally and less effected by stress. He also creates beautiful energy infused bead necklaces and bracelets that shield from external energies and can be used to send yourself healing. I have used it to relieve pain and headaches.


I’ve had several distance reiki sessions with Brad, traditional and chi ball. Each time I felt immediate relaxation, peace and calm. I could immediately feel the wonderful, radiating flow of energy. I experienced a deep sense of well being and balance after each session.

I’ve also received attunements in white light self empowerment reiki from Brad. He was very helpful by frequently checking in with me to answer any questions I had.

I would highly recommend Brad for anyone looking for this type of healing.