We’ve all heard the phrase ‘rush to judgement’. Well, judgement happens just about instantaneously, and apparently beyond our control. It happens before we’ve even had time to think.

We know immediately if we like someone (‘love at first sight’) or if we don’t. Our bodies tell us immediately if the smell or taste of something is going to be good for us or potentially dangerous, and our bodies immediately put us in fight-or-flight mode when we hear a sudden noise. To a great extent, we rely on our instinctual judgements to keep us safe, on both the physical and the emotional levels.

Is this urge to protect ourselves something we’ve inherited in our DNA from our ancient ancestors who discovered that sabre-toothed tigers could kill them?  That their fires could burn as well as protect?  That all strangers could potentially rob them of their meagre resources, if not their lives?

Or maybe it’s an amorphous sense of separation from your spiritual lineage or a deep longing to go ‘home’ (wherever that may mean for you), or even a sense of being separated from your twin flame.  Whatever it is, there is a profound sense of separation, abandonment, and a lack of love and security.

Is this fear for our very survival the source of why we don’t trust – others or ourselves? Have we carried this forward through lifetime after lifetime of experiences that tell us we are not safe?

Judgement can be a two-edged sword, with the one side keeping us safe while the other keeps us separate and (we hope) protected from potential danger.

Why, though, are we so quick to judge ourselves? And to judge ourselves so harshly? We say cruel things to ourselves about ourselves that we would never dream of saying to anyone else.  And this pattern goes on to support the belief that we are unworthy and unlovable, which we then project onto others, so we think that’s what they believe about us…and so we put up the walls for our own protection.

From personal experience, I was only able to start letting the walls down when I began to break through my old protective patterns as I set out on the long journey to loving and trusting myself, and to knowing I am safe and protected.  I am still not there by any means – but I am so much further along the path than I was. It’s not always been easy, but the outcomes continue to make it all so worthwhile.

If you feel called to start this journey for yourself – or to make some giant strides along the way – and you feel any of the healing and clearing processes I do will help you get to the heart of the matter (in particular Forgive & Release and the Seer of Time work), please check them out on my website:



AmayahGrace, lady wearing pink shawl

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Tauranga, New Zealand
Services: Healing, Meditations, Trauma Clear, Forgive and Release, Healing the Wounded Inner Child, Birth Trauma Clearing, Healing with the Seer of Time, Post-Op Trauma Clearing
AmayahGrace has been a channel for the Masters’ healing energies for nearly 20 years. As a change catalyst, she channels high-level healing energies through visualisations, touch and sound (toning, Light Language) which creates a safe space for you to get right to the Heart of the Matter so that profound healing can take place easily and effortlessly.