The Ascending Initiates Welcome You with Love

See us and get to know us.

We are ascending, supported by the Ascended Masters and their portal in New Zealand.


These are some of the Initiates of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th initiations.

The Higher Selves of these Initiates are stepping forward in service to humanity. This is their time to shine their light out across humanity.

Every pathway to ascension is unique and every person here is ascending on a personalised path. The Ascended Masters have supported them on their unique paths to the 6th initiation, at which time the Ascended Masters stand back and the Higher Self comes to the fore. Most of those you will meet here are now vehicles for their Higher Selves.

As you read their bios, you will understand they are just normal people and no pedestal is needed.


Their bright light makes them a beacon amongst humanity. They have no karma left and they are attaining a state of unconditional love. These Initiates bring this light and love to their healing practises, their creations, and their services. This makes all they do of the highest vibration. A healing from them must be some of the best you will receive.

Photo of Tara Jolly


Virtual Personal Assistant, Vegan Specialist
Location United States Website:


Initiation Level:  7th



I offer virtual personal assistant services to Lightworkers. I also have a traveling vegan food marketing company and offer vegan cooking classes, coaching, consulting, and special event production.


About Tara Jolly

Hello, my name is Tara Jolly. I have been using the Ascended Masters’ healings and products since 2014 and have just passed the 7th initiation with my Higher Self 100% in my body. I am honored to be on this path of ascension! My Higher Self is on the 5th ray of Healing, Knowledge, and Truth and I’ve had a protection grid since 2014. I found the Ascended Masters and visited their portal while living in New Zealand and my life has never been the same since. I bring embodied divinity to all of my endeavors and desire to serve like hearted people in need of my special skill set.

I have exceptional customer service, organization, and communication skills acquired through over eighteen years of experience working in quality consumer businesses. My employment history includes sales, marketing, social media management, property management, managerial roles, administrative assistant roles, accounting, bookkeeping, cash handling, data entry, database management, and new employee hiring and training.

I am a detail oriented, highly organized individual with exceptional problem solving skills and an innate ability to multitask. I have an ‘engineer’s mind’ and am especially good at tackling projects that require a big picture point of view and utilize my organizational skills. I am extremely efficient and accurate. I am especially good at creating new systems, streamlining processes, and research of any kind. My many years of customer service experience and natural disposition make me an expert at dealing with different kinds of people and personalities. I tailor my communication and customer service approach to every individual I work with. I am motivated, creative, and industrious.

My passion is veganism in all categories. I started a traveling vegan food demonstration and marketing business and also offer vegan consulting, cooking classes, and special event production. Learn more about me and my vegan services on my website

I have been traveling the world for the past four years and now mostly work remotely. I am currently a virtual assistant to two different clients and can provide excellent references. I am interested in helping you with your short-term or ongoing project. If your project is the right fit for me, I may consider relocating to your location to provide in-person assistance as well. I am open to discussing any collaboration, big or small.

Please contact me to discuss your needs. Pricing depends on the project. I can be reached at [email protected].

I look forward to serving you with some of the highest vibrational assistance available. I look forward to talking with you!

Kind Regards,

Tara Jolly




You may wonder “What is the meaning of life?” The answer is to ascend. We are created in love and we will eventually return to our source as perfected beings of Light. The path is personalised and unique, but the process is ascension.