We are in an epic time of change on planet Earth as we exit from 3rd and 4th dimensional time/space and enter into a present time 5D reality. And with this transition comes some major challenges. Today I’d like to share a bit about 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimension attributes and communication differences in each dimensional reality.

In a 3rd dimensional energetic we are stuck in reaction patterns from the lower self. The lower self hears something, interprets it from its fear-based perception, and then without thought, reacts to what it has heard. This can be a spoken reaction, such as a verbal insult or anger, or an internal reaction such as shame, guilt, jealousy, hidden anger or emotional withdraw. The reaction happens without choice. It is instantaneous and comes from the reptilian and emotional parts of the brain. These are the parts of the brain we use to process danger and they get activated as we experience situations that mirror our trauma from the past. We are not in present time when we use this part of the brain to respond. It is like a default setting and we no longer have any control over our reactions. Here we become stuck in our patterns and cycle reactionary responses over and over again without any improvement in our external environment or situation.

In the 4th dimension, we see the beginnings of engagement with our prefrontal cortex, the place in our brain where we have social interactions. Here there is a moment, a brief space, for us to stop and consider. In this brief space we have a choice. How will I respond? You have heard the advice to stop and count to five when we are angry. This is that choice space, and it is the beginning of the potential to make dramatic change in our lives by choosing differently.

In the 5th, we are able to stabilize a unified field, rather than working from a fragmented and fear-based 3rd or 4th dimensional field, and we are therefore no longer aligned with a vibration of fear. Fear is not compatible in a 5D frequency. In this state we have a much wider field of consciousness to interpret how we might respond and can hold more than our own point of view as we navigate our choices. We can also see situations from many different perspectives and can choose how to proceed from this more universal view that is not totally self-centered and only about us. Now we can see many possible options and many possible outcomes. Suddenly we have many choices!

When we step into this present moment based perception, we are no longer triggered by past wounds and hurts and can take in the information clearly and without fearful emotional and mental blinders.

So much new potential is possible for us in our communications and relationships when we can come forward from this unified and balanced space.

It is clearly not easy to navigate as we move between these vastly different dimensional energies. Our consciousness may be lower on some days and higher on others or can waver to many different levels just in one day or within a few hours or even moments. What is key here is not to beat ourselves up when we are not able to maintain a higher perspective all the time. It takes a lot of self-introspection, honesty, vulnerability and healing to transcend our wounds and fearful responses, beliefs and habits. As souls embodied on Earth, we have lived in a 3D environment for many lifetimes. So be patient with yourself and remember, that is why it is called spiritual “practice.

Blessings on your journey,

Elaine Marie

elaine marie, woman smiling with dark hair
Elaine Marie

Elaine has passed the 6th Initiation and works with clients to help them return to their own path of inherent spiritual wholeness.