Oh – how off-putting (pun intended!) is that for a title? The old saying ‘Procrastination is the thief of time’ doesn’t make sense anymore in these days of increased energy and heightened vibration; what makes much more sense is knowing that putting something off doesn’t rob us of our time – it robs us of our energy: the energy to remain aware, even subconsciously, that something still needs to be done. We can spend energy feeling ‘bad’ about it or denying it. We can also spend energy denying or dealing with what arises from old patterning: I always do this, this always happens to me, what will they think of me? How inventive can I be with the truth instead of simply owning up to not having done that something? Sometimes we get stalled because the task can seem too big or beyond our skill level and so we don’t know where to start.

This drains us, and we become irritable and defensive – even if only to ourselves.

It is so much more life-affirming just to do that something, whatever it is. If it seems large and insurmountable, then know that every action (no matter how small) moves you closer to completion. Once you’ve done that first small part of it, acknowledge your success. You may even find yourself half-way through the second step before you realise it! It’s as if you’d been stuck in quicksand and then little-by-little, with each step, the ground becomes firmer and you can move more quickly;  then, almost before you are aware, you’re sprinting to the finish line. And from there, you’ll look back and realise how simple it all was.

The trick here is to acknowledge your success with love. Silence the inner voice that wants to berate you for taking so long (it’s just the old patterning talking); instead, forgive yourself for putting it off and see if you can identify what it was that got you started. (For me, it’s hearing me saying to myself ‘Oh, I’ll just do this one part of it’.) And then….allow yourself to celebrate.

I promise you – you will feel good about yourself!

P.S. It is just possible that one of the reasons you delay doing something is not that you’re procrastinating, rather it may simply be that it’s not the right time.  In other words, there may be things happening outside of your knowledge, and you’re not able to move forward until they are completed (‘until all the stars and planets align’). When the timing is right, you will find yourself free to move ahead – with ease and grace.

lady smiling with glasses and pink scarf

AmayahGrace has passed the 7th Initiation and works with the Ascended Masters in her healing practice.