As people came into the healing torus and adjusted to the energies there, I saw each of them holding out their healing request (for some it was in written form, for others it was symbolic, for others an image), which was their way of clarifying why they had signed up for the free healing. After a while, they were asked if they wanted to ‘go deeper’ – to clear any fears or reluctance about the process. When they said yes, they were able to receive even more intense healing energy.

They started to be infilled with golden light, and then I heard the most beautiful healing chanting. This vibration entered their bodies through the crown chakra and descended through all their chakras right through to the souls of their feet (and I was told the word ‘souls’ and not ‘soles’ was very important because it is through the souls of our feet that we truly become grounded and connected to the soul of Mother Earth).

Finally, just before the end, all of the Ascended Masters working with each person came into the healing torus to celebrate their healing and to accompany them back out into their world. It was so deep and powerful – my body was still vibrating with the energy about an hour later.

It is an honour and a privilege to be of Service in this way.

AmayahGrace is the facilitator of our monthly free healing. She wrote this lovely description of what happened during September’s free healing. To sign up for our free healing, please click here.

lady smiling with glasses and pink scarf

AmayahGrace has passed the 7th Initiation and works with the Ascended Masters in her healing practice.