As a healer, it is not my job to ’fix’ people, nor to make life changes for them, because this would impact on their free will.  My role is simply to channel the energy that helps support my clients in making the changes they know they need to advance on their life’s journey.  Their role is to bring their willingness to commit to making the changes.  Without this willingness, the energy I bring through will lie dormant.

The healing relationship is a partnership, a dance of exchanging energies.  When we both bring something to the exchange, wonders can happen.  By the way, changes don’t necessarily happen overnight; it can take ongoing commitment (which I jokingly call homework) to change long-held patterns, but clients report noticing subtle – and sometimes not-so-subtle – changes in their interactions with others.

Recently, I have become aware of a much larger picture which widens the framework of this healing and clearing:  soul choice.  At a soul level, we may have chosen a specific patterning or behaviour so we can clear it this lifetime….and maybe our soul choice is not to clear it this lifetime so we can learn acceptance and tolerance and love of self.

Maybe too it’s a matter of timing.  When the time is right, it’s as if all the stars align and changes happen easily and effortlessly.  When the time isn’t right, no amount of struggle will make a difference.  The lessons here are acceptance and patience.

You – and only you – are in charge of your life.  As a healer and fellow traveller on this beautiful blue-green planet of ours, I honour you and your choices.

AmayahGrace, lady wearing pink shawl

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Tauranga, New Zealand
Services: Healing, Meditations, Trauma Clear, Forgive and Release, Healing the Wounded Inner Child, Birth Trauma Clearing, Healing with the Seer of Time, Post-Op Trauma Clearing
AmayahGrace has been a channel for the Masters’ healing energies for nearly 20 years. As a change catalyst, she channels high-level healing energies through visualisations, touch and sound (toning, Light Language) which creates a safe space for you to get right to the Heart of the Matter so that profound healing can take place easily and effortlessly.