The mind is like a suction cup, it attaches to the montage of objects floating before it. The mind is also a powerful visionary; if nothing satisfactory can be located, more will be created for its entertainment.

We are creator beings, fashioning our reality matrix at each moment. Pulling this in, pushing this away. When these objects of desire are but sampled, and then left to float along, they are harmless things. But when the suction cup begins its willful draw inwards to hold the object in place and begins to make demands upon it, something different is experienced and suffering is born. The mind begins to hyper-focus the will and notices at first how dazzling and exciting the thing is. It enjoys the sensations it offers as the senses are engaged and the emotions come alive to say, ‘Yes, we like! More please.’

We dance with the thing and then the mind begins its deeper work. It begins to notice, not the joyful wave of sensation or emotion, but somewhere else. Not a present place. Images and ideas begin to emerge that say, ‘Wait, this is not quite right. That part is a bit out of focus, and oh wait, I actually don’t like that view of this thing at all.’

The mind suctions itself to the object and begins to destroy and pick apart that which a moment before it relished. It waffles back and forth between, ‘Yes, I like’ and ‘No, I don’t like.’

Comparisons, labels, analysis, and judgement ensue.

The mind proceeds upon this path into desire and begins to attempt to control the object to keep itself fed, distracted, engaged, and pleased.

Oh, freedom is the day we can locate the witness of this game looking through our eyes. The one that can observe, enjoy, play, and interact, but not need to engage the forceful suction of the mind. Each object appears and disappears, it floats on, and the witness stands in perfect allowing. In a state of grace, all is tolerated, and no thing is agitating to its gaze. All is accepted; both what appears in a provocative or defiled state and what is exemplified and serene. The witness makes choices of what it might play with in any moment and gently passes by that which it chooses not. All is in a state of perfect expression and exploration.

This witness knows that each point of consciousness has its perfect journey of being and honors all experience, while carefully choosing its own joyful emanation at each present moment. And when the witness engages its primordial skills as the prime alchemist, then magic is born. What is presented is transformed into higher emanations of light and bliss, and creation is expanded as intended. This is who we are.

Blessings as you dance and play,

Elaine Marie

elaine marie, woman smiling with dark hair
Elaine Marie

Elaine has passed the 6th Initiation and works with clients to help them return to their own path of inherent spiritual wholeness.