This question of the nature of God is not new. Many have tried to understand what God is and how we can make that force tangible and present in our daily lives. How can we integrate and feel the sacredness of God in everything we do?

Different philosophies have been developed in all cultures of past and present. What appears to be common to all traditions and cultures is that we first learn and seek to recognize God, or The Presence, in all its attributes and manifestations. These attributes and manifestations are so present and active in our daily life, that becoming aware of them brings us closer to the understanding of the nature of God. For example, what brings us joy when we observe nature?  Its beauty and captivating scenery wherever we go?  Observing the wind and the sea gives the feeling of power and majesty to forces beyond our comprehension. The strength we find in the love we feel toward one another, qualified the word ‘love’ and made it synonymous to the word God. Patience and understanding observed in the works of the Saints reflects the wisdom of God. It is by the actions of these saints of past and present and the impact they had on people’s lives that encourage God’s attributes such as Love, Wisdom, and Power in all of us.

David Sahyoun

David has passed the 7th initiation and offers healings, workshops, and consulting, in addition to publishing some spiritual books.