Something very interesting has been happening to me lately. When I’m typing on my cell phone, every time I try to write ‘live’ or ‘living’, my phone instead types ‘love’ or ‘loving’.

This is no accident.

Part of ascension is coming into a state of unconditional Love for ALL. Love for Self and Love for all others. To ascend is to Love. In order to ascend, you must move from the mind to the heart, and at a certain stage of ascension, your heart charka will even change color from green to pink to reflect this state of unconditional Love.

Love is much more than a feeling, Love is action. Love is a doing. To ascend, you must become Love. You must BE Love in action. Love must be demonstrated in your everyday thoughts, words, and actions. On the path of ascension, to live is to Love. Living is Loving.

My phone really is a smart phone!

Your Higher Self is pure Love. Even after you reach the 7th initiation and your Higher Self is 100% in body, your lower self still exists because you are still in human form and still in a body. Your ego will be lessened and tamed, but it too still exists because you need it to survive in this physical world. So, we are not perfect, but our Higher Selves are. Our Higher Selves are the perfected being.

As you continue to ascend past the 6th Initiation and beyond, your lower self patterns and conditioning comes up again and again to be seen and cleared. There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of patterns. Some examples of these lower self patterns might be having irrational fears, having judgmental thoughts towards a particular group of people or an activity, judging yourself harshly, being mean towards self or others, being annoyed by certain things, being impatient, untrusting, etc.

After you pass the 6th initiation, your Higher Self will clear these patterns in minutes. It is your job to notice these lower self patterns (when you are not thinking, speaking, and acting in love), and ask your Higher Self to clear them. Try not to judge yourself for having these lower self patterns; they are just coming up to be healed. It’s all a part of ascension and Self Mastery.

So, I have to give thanks to my cell phone for my almost daily reminder that to live is to Love.

As Verna always says, “It’s time to Be the Being.”

Tara Jolly

Tara has passed the 7th initiation and works as a virtual assistant to other Lightworkers, as well as promoting veganism through her marketing business.